Five Goals to Focus on This Year

I’m cool with New Year’s Resolutions. I make goals anyway, so the beginning of the calendar year just gives me an excuse to make new ones–and to assess if previous ones haven’t worked out so well.

This year, my word is Focus. It has some pretty fun implications for my world at (if they’re not there yet, they will be soon), but on the personal writing side, here are some goals for 2017:

1.) Read twenty five books (five of them classics)

Between teaching, editing, writing, running a business, and trying to make sure laundry happens, my reading list tends to fall to the wayside. At the same time, reading can really offer a lot of great inspiration! So I’m going for a doable list and hopefully I read way more.

2.) Publish two fiction books

Not only is Uncommon Universes Press publishing Blood Mercy:The Darkest Stain, which is the next in my vampire series (collaboration with Julia Busko), but they’ve also decided to pick up Voiceless, The Ironfire Legacy Book 1. Voiceless is a steampunk adventure/romance with DRAGONS. It has monsters, misfits, AND mushy stuff in plenty, plus political intrigue and action. If you’re curious, check out my Facebook page for daily sneak peeks during #WIPjoy!


3.) Direct an awesome high school play

This year I again have the privilege of directing the high school play (in addition to teaching grammar, language, literature, and speech). We’re doing classic medieval fairy tales with a twist! So excited and loving the enthusiasm of my students.

4.) Exercise more than once a week

This is more of an ongoing goal, but why not re-pledge it? I enjoy exercising a lot, but with a huge to-do list, it always falls to the bottom (y’know, behind laundry and food). It’s time to reclaim that space!

5.) Focus on focusing

With my life being super-busy, it’s hard to find time to pray and meditate on the goodness of God–or even just to be still for five minutes. But that time is crucial for re-prioritizing my life and focusing on where it really belongs. Taking a step back is healthy and yeah, I should do it more.

6.) Never take lists t0o seriously and always be willing to adapt to situations if they require additional numbers on the list! 😉

7.) Connect with others! Whether you’re a writer or a reader, I’d love to get connected and see how things roll. Also, if you’re a fan of speculative fiction (especially with a side of romance–I’m totally down with supernatural/suspense, paranormal romance, or urban fantasy), please toss me some links for great books to read or groups to hang out with.  I’d love to do some features on this blog!

ALL The Questions: What are your goals for the coming year? What books are on your to-read list? I still haven’t filled mine up over at Goodreads. Have any cool things you’d like promoted over the year? If they’re in my genre wheelhouse (see above categories), I’d love to take a look!

2 thoughts on “Five Goals to Focus on This Year

  1. Hey, I have a short story in a collection of YA fantasy/speculative stories. IN THE BEGINNING. I could send you an ARC (in digital format) if you’re interested in reading and reviewing (possibly promoting if it’s your cup of tea) the anthology.

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