Book Confessions and Updates


Hi there! Since this is actually an author blog, I figured I’d take some time away from the profound musings and book features to actually share about my own writing progress!

Confession: I am an attention-deficit writer. No, seriously, I actually was diagnosed with ADD/SPD, and I can usually make it work for me. I’m that crazy person who actually does BETTER when she can flip between at least 3-4 tasks at a given time. Spend about twenty minutes on each on a cycle, interrupted by occasional YouTube video searches and social media updates.

Currently, I am also completing the last few months of my final year of full-time teaching, which includes directing/casting/organizing/telling people what to do for the spring play. So theoretically I should be cranking out content all the time–but time itself isn’t cooperating, as in I could use a teense more of it. Instead, thanks to DST, I’ve lost an hour. Welp, nothing for it but to plunge ahead into the abyss of awesome!

Storm Warden (A Gods and Monsters Romance)
-god meets god-cursed immortal girl in this fantasy romance novella set in a quasi-medieval universe where the gods are out of control and it’s up to an outcast to clean house. Features magic, sarcasm, kissy stuff, and death unicorns. Due out soon, in the fullness of time.

Lawless (Book 1 in The Ironfire Legacy)
-The salvation of humans and dragons comes from a convicted killer. This steampunk fantasy is finished and slowly going through revisions. Excited to share the world of the Scepterlands with you, as well as a love triangle that features 3-dimensional characters who have more in their lives than just romantic feels. Well, two of them. But we love Shance anyway. šŸ˜‰ Due out in summer.

Blood Mercy:The Darkest StainĀ 
-in the final stages of intensive outlining with collaborator/illustrator Julia Busko to master all of the twists and turns of the vampires and the Blood Kind. In this second illustrated novella, expect a much broader and deeper perspective on the Blood Kind vs. the vampires, as Melrose Durante must face shocking consequences of past actions, and vampire lord Jean-Claude continues to undermine the delicate balance of the Houses of the Dead. Releases in October.

Fox’s Eve (A Jack Lovarn Tale)
-this is a personal pet project, an urban fantasy/romance set in Pittsburgh and small-town Appalachia, with a protagonist who has to go back and save the town that did her and her Fae lover wrong five years earlier. Lots of sass, lots of country-edge, and some truly spine-tingling moments. This one isn’t on the release docketĀ yet because of time constraints (I peck at it when I can), but it’s real close to my heart and I’m excited to share tidbits.

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Thanks for tuning it! Which of my projects interests you the most? Why? I love feedback!


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