Junicorn and Other Author Updates!

Storm Warden is part of Fellowship of Fantasy’s Junicorn ebook giveaway!

It’s June and that means it is time to celebrate the majestic Unicorns–or in my case, the menacing death unicorns of uncertain and nefarious purposes, but still pretty dang majestic!

Artist Unknown
Seven authors from the Fellowship of Fantasy have banded together to bring you this awesome giveaway. What’s more, you have double the chance to win because we will have …
That’s right!
One lucky winner will receive a unicorn mug (US winners only) 
the other a SEVEN ebook Library including …

So sign up via the Rafflecopter prize below here or at 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, I’m busy editing Lawless (steampunk fantasy adventure with DRAGONS) like a busy editor-person–and I’m sharing exclusive snippets soon! How do you get these exclusive snippets? Welp, following me on my Facebook page (which also gets you into the Junicorn giveaway) and on Twitter is a good start! Those are both places where I’ll regularly throw out some lines from WIPs.

I also have a short story coming out in the Fellowship of Fantasy anthology soon:
She'll change his image
So keep an eye out for details on that!

Thanks for reading and looking forward to a fantastic summer!

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