Book Review: “Relent” by Kat Heckenbach

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After spending her life in foster care, Simone discovers she’s half angel when the demon Wraith comes into the diner where she waits tables. Wraith–the only one who is ever truthful enough with her to admit his words are mostly lies.

Years later, angry that her mother abandoned her to return to heaven, Simone finds herself abandoning her lover, Reese, and their newborn child after Wraith tells her what she can’t deny is truth: “They will grow old and die while you remain young.”

But could he have lied? The only way Simone can know is by finding them, and making a place for herself in their life. And when the balance between human and angel begins to shift in her, she must turn to Wraith again regardless of whether she can trust him or not.

Some books sneak up on you and then take over your life until you finish them. Relent by Kat Heckenbach is one of those books. I’m a small businesswoman and entrepreneur who really has a ridiculous amount of things to do–but I had to just read one. More. PAGE. And even skipping to the end didn’t solve the problem, because Heckenbach so effectively sprinkles in her character arc and development throughout the narrative that I had go straight through and experience the whole journey.

Thwarting my short-cuts with your storytelling? Well played, author!

Relent is a different kind of hot sauce than I’m used to. I think I shall dub it wasabi, because it sneaks up on you with the intensity.

All of the characters are well-written and relatable, and they all make sense together within the context. While it only features one character on the front cover, Relent has the feel of an ensemble story, where all of the characters and their journeys are featured in clear, succinct prose that invests you in the plot without cluttering the scene with details. I enjoy a story where the prose features the author’s voice and style.

Note: adult paranormal romance here, with strong supernatural elements. Nothing gratuitous or graphic, but plenty of mature themes.

Final Verdict: Relent delivers a solid, well-paced supernatural romantic suspense with surprisingly sympathetic characters and a satisfying ending. Cucumber avocado sushi with a spread of wasabi for understated kick.

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