Strangest Browser Searches

H.L. Burke tagged me in this, and I figured, why not? It’s something different! And these all relate to writing in some way. Ish. Here are six of my recent searches!

1.) Those Who Walk Away

Shorthand for The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas by Ursula Le Guin, which came up in a conversation with my friend and client C.S. Johnson. Naturally, I had to track it down, because Ursula Le Guin. It’s a fascinating piece of philosophical short fiction illustrating utilitarianism. I truly love how all these crazy big ideas can fit into speculative fiction!

2.) #SpecWomenChat

This is Katie Morford’s writer hashtag on Twitter, and it’s pretty fun! You should look into it.

3.) Emotional Trigger Words

A free marketing download from Kindlepreneur. A decent basic resource if you need a place to start with keywords and potent words in book blurbs. 

4.) Shoreditch

This is actually a WordPress theme. I was searching through loads of themes to choose a new look for my nonfiction website, I didn’t end up picking Shoreditch.

5.) Anastasia MBTI

I was watching Disney’s Anastasia last night, and since I’m an MBTI nerd, I wanted to test out a gut feeling. Totally has to do with writing, because seeing types in fiction helps me to dissect characterization. Sure enough, Dimitri is an ENTP and Anastasia is an ENFP. This brings me joy, because it’s the same pairing as my husband and I—although he’s the ENFP and I’m the ENTP, so that makes it a little special. Still, it’s not a typical pairing in fiction, so it was fun to figure out!

6.) John Cusack

…okay this was just to confirm he was in Anastasia. Confession: had a crush on him, or rather some of his characters, in high school, as much as a geeky computer-bug writer could get crushes. I totally dig quirky, interesting guys with odd habits and personalities.

Okay, I am tagging:

Amy Brock McNew
Bethany Jennings
C.S. Johnson
Kyle Robert Shultz

And anyone else if you want to give it a try!

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